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UBP welcomes students from universities around the world, with bilateral agreements or free-movers (students from institutions without an agreement), who are eager to learn in a friendly academic environment of excellence.

The campus is located in Argüello, one of the traditional neighborhoods in Córdoba. Buildings are distributed in a 16-hectare area including UBP dorms, computer labs, television and radio studio, and the library, among others. UBP also has its own radio station FM 93.3, Radio Pascal.

The opportunity to live in the heart of Argentina is unique. In this sense, the International Relations Center will advise and accompany you so that you have an unforgettable exchange experience as an international student at our institution.


This 4-week program helps you develop and improve your Spanish oral fluency and written skills, acquire essential cultural knowledge to understand the complexity of current Argentine society, and achieve an effective insertion in the city and in your new university environment. It offers you a varied and complete overview of the most important cultural aspects, and it serves as an introductory proposal for our semester program. To take this program you need 3 Spanish semesters at university level, or its equivalent from a private institution (Level SPA 201 complete or higher / B1 MRCE).

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  • If you are a Spanish-speaking student, or you have an advanced command of Spanish, you can take courses from the different undergraduate programs at UBP. To see the list of available degrees, we invite you to visit the following link: Language Requirement: B2 / C1 level is required for non-native students. A certificate with international recognition and no more than 3 years old must be presented. (DELE: ).
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  • If you are not Spanish speaker, the Hispanic American Language and Culture Semester Program offers you a wide variety of courses: Intermediate and Advanced Spanish, Modern History of Argentina and Latin America, Argentine Popular Culture, Argentine Literature, Latin American Rhythms, and Cultural Workshops (Traditional Argentine cuisine, music and folk dances, riding classes, among other activities). Language Requirement: 4 Spanish semesters at university level, or its equivalent from a private institution (Level SPA 202 complete or higher / B1 CEFR).
    If you do not meet the language requirement, you may take our 4-week Intensive Program available each semester.
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Students between 18-28 years old majoring in the following fields are eligible for this program:


  • Education and ESL
  • Communication, Digital MKT, Web Design and Publicity
  • Tourism and hospitality
  • Information Technology
  • Business Administration


Pre-professional practices for a maximum of 20-24 hours a week in companies in the city of Cordoba. Students will be placed according to their academic and professional skills and interests, favoring their growth through an enriching experience. A resume and a motivation letter will be required as part of the application process. Companies will schedule a virtual interview before arrival.

The program also includes:

‘Spanish for survival’ Class Basic communication Spanish to allow students to interact with their social environment (buy a bus ticket; go to the supermarket, etc.). *Compulsory for all students not fluent in the language.
‘Argentine Culture’ Course delivered in English This course studies Argentine reality, culture and society, both in present time and in its historical roots, taking into account the main political, economic, social and cultural dimensions and indicators in its analysis.


  • From the 3rd week of May until the end of July
  • Application Deadline: March 1, of every year

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UBP offers a series of Online Programs each semester, as an interactive means to learn Spanish and Culture.

Our courses vary from Beginner Level (A1-A2) where students will be able to interact in simple and coherent texts on topics that are familiar to them, or in which they have a personal interest, to Advance Level (B2) for those students who want to enhance, complement and improve their Spanish as a foreign language to regain their fluency.

 Classes are based on a communicative-approach with a wide range of virtual pedagogical tools.

 DATES 2023

  • Starting Date: March 20
  • Application Period: From January 27,  to February 24

DURATION: 2 months

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